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Design & Code

Designer at Upstatement

It feels like the stars aligned when I first met Mike Swartz as my web design teacher during my final semester at Mass Art. Mike runs Upstatement, a boutique, cross-diciplinary web design firm in Boston. Right before the semester wrapped up he extended an invitation to come work with the four-person team. The cool part about this invitation is the fact that I'd get a wealth of new experience working on the web and running client projects but I'd also get to do my fair share of the branding, poster design, packaging and the printmaking work that was in my wheelhouse.

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Responsive Design for the Web

Upstatement is known for its work on responsive sites like and Solving high-level content and organization problems shares precedence with writing the best code possible. From time to time I'm able to run, manage, design and own most of the front-end development on a project. is a great example of putting all of these interests to work via a responsive redesign for one of the country's first independent student newspapers.

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Design for Print

My first love was print design. I love designing for the web but there's no changing which of the two came first. I'm fortunate that I'm able to use this muscle rather often at Upstatement. On any given day I could be designing posters for Upstatement events, designing our business cards and stationary or designing and screen printing our holiday cards.

Upstatement Brand

Brand Manager

I'm here to help Upstatement look good. Early on I inherited the role of Upstatement's brand manager. This meant I'd help facilitate the look and feel of our image across print and the web. When new business cards need to be designed, I'm on it. When we decide we need stickers, custom table wraps, photos shot for our portfolio, work done on or leading the charge via social media I'm stoked to help out there too.

Upstatement Brand

Director of Fun / Bric-a-Brac Department

Last but not least, my propensity for fun made me a fine candidate to facilitate any of the after-hours events for the Upstatement team and the public at our dojo. I also get to spearhead the initiative to make fun stuff whenever the holidays roll around or any other special event comes up. This could mean I'm designing the packaging, bric-a-brac, holiday card or website for a special event or setting up our seasonal Drinks with Upstatement jam.