About JPB

Design, Code, Printmaking & Event Production

John Boilard is a person based in Austin, TX who designs, does front-end development, produces art and music events and screen prints under the name JP Boneyard. JP got his start setting up music events and screen printing posters in his hometown of Palmer, Massachusetts. A graduate of the Massachusetts College of Art and Design, JP loves the need for creative problem solving that comes along with everything from coding a website to setting up a cross country art tour to printing a poster. JP is currently a part of the design team at The IBM Mobile Innovation Lab where he is known as one of the studio's "consummate craftsmen".


I've always loved a good challenge and I take pride in my craft. I'm a firm believer that if you work hard, have faith in what you're doing and remain honest with yourself and others you can't go wrong. Calling this some sort of "design philosophy" sounds corny but the principles I carry with me in life translate to my work as well. In a team setting I’m driven to help make the group better in any way that I can and I prioritize reaching our collective goal as a team. Simplicity, curiosity, hard work and having fun are all things that motivate me on a daily basis.

Experience & Education

Feel free to dig upon my resume. It's easy to do!